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Are you looking to be more productive to grow or start your business?

As a teacher and entrepreneur you have to wear a lot of hats. We can’t know and understand everything. When so many people are telling you about all of these weird and wonderful things you SHOULD be doing to grow your business it can be super overwhelming.

But, if you’re serious about your business and you either already have or you’re thinking about creating a TpT Store, my coaching sessions can help teacherpreneurs just like you understand the process a little better. I learn best when things are properly spelt out for me. I don’t need over complication and big exaggerated words. It’s getting a better understanding of how social media (specifically Instagram) can impact your brand, why it’s important for your business, and what it can do for you.

Being a teacherpreneur is a long term game, and the positive effects of making small, but significant changes will be amazing. Each day you will be given tasks that will help increase engagement on your Instagram and hold you accountable for creating and posting resources on TpT. Once the session begins you will be given all of the details on daily tasks. The sessions are tailored towards you and where you are in your business journey so the tasks will reflect that. It’s a great way to hold you accountable for consistency and upward growth for your TpT Store and Instagram. Are you ready to follow your passion?
Are you looking to be more productive to grow or start your business?

Check out some of our client experiences...

"A couple of months ago I wanted to start creating and selling on TpT, but I had no idea where to begin. Jillian helped me with all of the basics to get me started - logo, covers, thumbnails, thank you/terms of use/credit pages, banners, etc. She is still the one I go to whenever I have questions or need help, and she is always so kind and caring! She also will still check in on me occasionally to see if I need anything. She is the best!"

-Allyson, from Blessed Math Teacher

"Jillian helped me create, start, and grow my brand on both Instagram and TpT! She worked closely with me for logos, templates, and everything I needed for both until they were perfect. I got a store makeover and matching Instagram highlight covers. She still checks in with me to see how things are going which is invaluable because as we all do I am constantly thinking of little questions as I go. I highly recommend giving this a shot as a step towards your big goals!"

-Sarah, from Ms B That's Me

"If you are wanting to get started on your teachergram and/or TpT Store I highly recommend Jillian. She is super sweet and supportive. She holds you accountable so that you can finally do that thing you've been wanting to do! 10000% recommend!"

-Cristina, from Beyond Mathematics

"If you have ever even slightly thought about starting your own Teacher Instagram and selling your own products, but don't know where to start, well you have found yourself in the right place! I have created lots of resources for my classroom, however was very unfamiliar with TPT and making things fun, while still following all the rules/crediting the right people with my own products. Jillian very kindly offered me support everyday and helped me through this process. I now have my own Instagram and my TPT store looks amazing, including my logos! She is absolutely wonderful and still checks in on me regularly. If I ever have a question, she is my go to!"

-Tori, from Reading Fun with Mrs. Young

"Jillian is a pleasure to work with. The insights she shared were very enlightening, and I feel more comfortable sharing about the resources I sell in my TpT store. Her coaching has helped me to focus what I post on my Instagram account. I really enjoyed our week-long coaching session."

-Brianne, from Busy Miss Beebe

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