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Simplify your creation process and start selling today!

If you’re reading this, I know what you’re thinking. You want to be able to create high quality resources that are in high-demand, but everything seems super overwhelming and you just don't have a lot of time! You’re not looking for a bunch of fluff. You want to get real information and steps that are going to help you create resources that sell and are in high demand. This membership is going to save you time, effort and sanity by providing you with templates and tutorials that you can use NOW to create your resources like a pro. We all want to create high quality resources that are in demand, but let's face it, the time it takes to create things from scratch isn't something that we all have readily available. Imagine getting templates and tutorials delivered regularly so you don't have to ever worry about getting stuck in a rut. (Please note that the templates shared will be mainly for PowerPoint and Google Apps. If you do not have access to these, this membership is not for you). Check out what members have created using the templates from the membership below...

What will I get when I join?

Consistency is EVERYTHING!

How this membership will work is every single week you will get a brand new template and or a new tutorial to help you create a resource right then and there. So each week you can expect something brand new that will help you create and sell effortlessly. When you join you will actually be welcomed with OVER a full month’s worth of content along with a ton of bonus material. You are going to not only get 7, yes 7 resource templates as soon as you join, but you are also going to have access to exclusive coaching videos, a product planning guide workbook, and so much valuable information you will be able to use to streamline the process of creating resources, ways to stay focused and consistent, and creating resources that sell! This first month of content alone has a value of over $200. At the end of this first month (so after 30 days) you will begin to receive your templates and/or tutorials on a weekly basis. You may even get some additional surprise bonus content as the weeks progress. The best part is you will be able to join today for only $19 and the membership is only $19 per month! This is less than getting yourself a Starbucks every week. To put it in perspective, you can sell 4 resources for $5 a piece and already have made back your investment. I am super excited to be able to offer you this membership that I KNOW is going to make a huge impact on your store. So, let's get this party started! Check out the creations of some of the members using the templates you will be getting when you join...


Membership Curriculum

This is the list of content you will be receiving as soon as you join this membership!


This is over a FULL MONTH of content along with bonus material to help you begin creating. After 30 days you will begin to receive brand new templates and/or tutorials every week so you never run out of ideas for creating resources on Teachers Pay Teachers. (PLEASE NOTE: IF YOU ARE A MEMBER OF THRIVING TEACHER ACADEMY YOU WILL ALREADY HAVE ACCESS TO THE TEMPLATES IN THIS MEMBERSHIP)